• Examination Notification June 2018 Exam Cycle (NEW)

    Centre for Continuing Education
    Examination Notification June 2018
    (3rd to 13th June 2018)
    All the students of  BBA (AO), MBA (OG), MBA (PM), MBA (AVM), MBA (PSM), MBA (LSCM), MBA (IFM), PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Engineering Management, Diploma in Management, Certificate in Project Management, Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety (HSE), Integrated BSc. (AS)+MBA (AVM), Integrated BSc. (MS)+MBA (PSM) are hereby informed that the examination of under mentioned subject will be conducted from 03rd June 2018. NOTE: (Students who have taken admission in January 2018 would appear for their Semester 1 examinations. Students of all prior batches, would get the opportunity to clear their backlog papers and the papers for which they are currently registered in. Students of April and October batches can clear their backlog papers only)
    The detailed schedule pertaining to Examination is as under:
    1. Examination for all CCE-UPES programs will be held from 03-13 June 2018.
    2. All due fees must be cleared by 15th May 2018.
    3. Students can appear for the Examination from any convenient location, on their Laptop/Desktop, with a stable internet connectivity and a working webcam.  OR 
      Students can choose to take the examination from the UPES Campus (UPES,Dehradun Center) for the Examination. The University will provide the laptop / computer with webcam and internet connectivity.
    4. The examination would be held across the following SLOTS and following IST time plan: 
      • 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM (IST) and 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM (IST), for students opting to take the examination at UPES Campus. (Such students need to re-confirm their attendance on campus via email to and latest by 15th May 2018).
      • 06:00 AM to 09:00 AM (IST), 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM (IST), 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM (IST) and 09:00 PM to 12:00 PM (IST) for students opting appear from their individual locations. *students opting to appear from the UPES campus location, will not be allowed to choose these slots.


    1. The online registration will start from 16th April and close on 15th May 2018. No registration would be accepted beyond 15th May 2018.
    2. The Registration for June 2018 Examination will be done through the Student Portal for students of July 2011 and subsequent batches. Students must enter their valid Email Id and Mobile contact No. while registering on line on student’s portal. The link is-
    3. Students prior to July 2011 batch shall register online through following (Students must enter their valid Email Id and Mobile contact No. while registering): URL:
    • Select the check box at the end of instructions
    • Fill the registration form on page two mentioning only the subjects you need to appear in.
    • Once all mandatory entries are made and you have successfully submitted registration you will see a message on screen confirming the same.
    IT IS MANDATORY FOR THE STUDENTS TO THEIR VALID EMAIL ID AND MOBILE CONTACT No. WHILE REGISTERING FOR THE EXAMINATION as all the communication related to the examination shall be done on them.
    1. W.E.F June 2015 Exam Cycle onwards, there is no fixed date sheet for students appearing for their examinations.
    2. The students can now schedule their examinations at any date between 3rd June 2018 to 13th June 2018, at the slots available to take their examinations.
    3. Post the exam registration date is over, the student exam registration data shall be verified for FEE due clearance and then authorized students shall receive an email from the ID (Please add this to the contacts/safe senders list in your email client to avoid this email going to the Junk/Spam email folder). This email shall contain the login ID and password for the Examination Scheduling Portal for UPES, and can then book their convenient slots to appear for the examinations. Please note that these slots shall be allocated on the first come first serve basis. The slot selection for any day will be closed on the day before. For e.g. The booking of slots for 5th June would be closed at the midnight of 3rd June 2018. No booking for 5th June will be allowed on 4th June.
    4. Post their scheduling, the students shall receive an email notifying their booked slot to appear for any paper they have booked for. For multiple subjects the students shall receive multiple emails.
    5. On the day of the exam the students shall need to login to their examination scheduling portal and start the test.
    6. Student will be required to register 30 minutes before the specified time window to ensure necessary Id verification and authorization.
    7. The student will be guided through system generated message once he logs in, which includes verification process i.e. clicking of a snap of himself and his valid photo Id.  He would then be required to wait until the proctor verifies his Identity and authorizes him/her to start test. (Please Click here for the detailed instructions)
    8. In order to ensure that all the students, have their systems properly configured, with all the software/hardware requirements, and also are accustomed with the format of the Question paper, it is mandatory that, every registered student of CCE takes the following Practice test, as per their relevant program, as indicated below:  URL:
    1. To take the subsequent On Line Examinations, the examinees must have a Laptop/Desktop with a fitted working webcam.
    2. The University ID Card / A Valid Photo ID proof issued by the Government should be kept handy, while appearing in any examination.
    3. Once you click on your relevant URL links; it will start a diagnostic test on your computer, and will notify you of any deficiencies, in the system (if any). 
    4. It will also give you steps to rectify these issues. 
    5. Once you have successfully rectified these issues, the system will allow you to start the test.
    6. Starting the test and seeing the first question, in the practice test, would ensure that your computer system is validated of all basic system requirements, required for the test.    
    7. Once you successfully completed your practice test, you are requested to confirm the same on email to your Program Coordinator, so that the same can be validated at our end, and we can assist you, in case of any difficulty.
    8. Please note that the responsibility of ensuring uninterrupted power supply, internet connectivity, systems settings including web cam functioning solely lies with the student only the University will not be held accountable for any of the lapse or failed/missed attempt on account of above mentioned requirements.
    Kindly note following few important points to keep in mind:
    1. Students appearing at UPES, Dehradun center should report at the Examination Department (SRE) atleast 45 minutes before commencement of the Examination. 
    2. You may be asked to authenticate yourself with the same email ID provided to the University to access the Examination.
    3. You have to keep the Valid Photo ID supplied by the University, handy with you. This would be checked any time during the examination.
    4. You must take the test using a laptop/desktop running Windows Operating System, with a working Webcam fitted to it.
    5. We would prefer, you take the examination outside any corporate firewall, since the same might stop the video feed from your computer, and thus forcing us to not recognize your examination.
    6. The University ID Card / A Valid Photo ID proof issued by the Government should be kept handy, while appearing in any examination.
    1. You are not allowed to leave the seat during the time of your examination.
    2. You are not allowed to take any phone calls during the examination.
    3. You are not allowed to flip out of the test window, during the examination. 
    4. You are not allowed to connect any extended screen/projector along with the system, being used for examination.
    5. No one should be sitting/standing near you during the examination.

    (Any violation of the “DONTs” above will force us to end the test)

    System requirements (For candidates taking the test from their Office network) 
    The system requirements for a smooth working experience on the TEST platform is mentioned as follows -
    To complete the testing of the system requirement using the link above, the following additional steps need to be done, in case you are trying to take the test from a network, which is behind a firewall (e.g. an office network etc.)
    Firewall Settings
    (To be checked specially by candidates taking the examination from Office under Corporate LAN and Firewall) – Kindly take the help of your corporate IT team for this   Grant necessary firewall permissions to allow all requests from all sub-domains of in any of the following manner :
    1. If possible allow all access from the network to * 
    2. If wildcards are not allowed in the firewall configuration rules, then please allow all access to the following domains
    3. If domain names are not possible to be configured, then please allow all access to the following IP Addresses


    1. IP addresses can be changed in future; therefore specifying IP Addresses is less preferable over specifying domain names.
    2. Please ensure that the firewall permissions to ports 1987 and 1988 for i.e. and are granted to make them accessible. 
    Supported Browser Version       
    For best performance, please use the following browser versions only:
    1. IE: 8.x and above
    2. Google Chrome: 10.x and above
    3. Test Expiry/Power Resume -In case the test window closes in the middle of the test or at the time of submission for any reason, whatsoever, the system waits for at-least 30 minutes before expiring the test & generating the result report for that particular candidate. This allows the candidate to re-login & resume the test from exactly where it stopped within those 30 minutes.  
    4. Support Information - In case of any issue please call the support team at: +91-82878-03040.
    5. Browser Cache Settings  - Do clear browser cache/cookies before the 1st round of candidates start taking the assessment. 
    • For the subsequent rounds of candidates taking the test on the same machines you don’t need to clear the browser cache/cookies.
    • In case any candidate faces any issue in loading of the test or images, please clear the cache again.
    • For most browsers pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE” and selecting Clear Cache (for Firefox and Chrome) or Clear Temporary Internet Files (for Internet Explorer) clears the browser cache. After doing this press CTRL+F5.
    Best Regards,
    Team CCE-SRE