Program Type File size Download
MBA Oil and Gas Management Product Brochure 620.6kb DownloadDownload
MBA Power Management Product Brochure 619.1kb DownloadDownload
MBA Aviation Management Product Brochure 620.1kb DownloadDownload
MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Product Brochure 620.7kb DownloadDownload
PGP in Industrial Safety (HSE) PGP in Health Safety and Environment 725.1kb DownloadDownload
PGP in Renewable Energy Product Notes 837.5kb DownloadDownload
Project Management Product Brochure 670.1kb DownloadDownload
BBA Aviation Operations Product Brochure 464.2kb DownloadDownload
HSE program recognition notification HSE program recognition notification 122.1kb DownloadDownload
MBA International Business Product Notes 723.9kb DownloadDownload
MBA Infrastructure Management Product Notes 706.3kb DownloadDownload